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Import questions from CSV file

We have just released new feature: importing questions from CSV file. Many of you have existing systems where you store questions and answers. Now you...

27 Nov 2022 Łukasz Wiatrak

Introducing tag icons

You can now enhance your tags by adding icons to them! These icons will be visible in all places where the tag is displayed.

01 Sep 2022 Łukasz Wiatrak

Watching tags

You can now watch tags to get notifications about questions related to specific topics

29 Jul 2022 Łukasz Wiatrak

Introducing global tags

We’d like to introduce to you new global tags feature. Global tags allow you to define tags that will be visible in all spaces. We’ll...

16 Jul 2022 Łukasz Wiatrak

Sort questions by views

You can now sort questions by the number of views, mostly viewed ones will be at the top.

30 Jan 2022 Łukasz Wiatrak

Displaying created and edited dates

After this release you will see both Created and Edited dates for questions and answers if they were edited.

24 Jan 2022 Łukasz Wiatrak

Content editor: inserting statuses now possible

You can now insert statuses to your questions and answers! See screenshot below:

14 Jan 2022 Łukasz Wiatrak

Home page widget

We added widget that displays a list of recently asked and answered questions on your Home Page. Thanks to that, you can follow Questions activity...

19 Dec 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Content editor: inserting emojis is now possible

Use emojis in questions, answers and comments! We have added support for emojis for all types of content: questions, answers and comments.

11 Dec 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Watching all spaces

Get email notifications about new questions asked anywhere!

17 Oct 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Watching space

Get email notifications about new questions asked in a space!

01 Oct 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Displaying questions from all spaces

In this major release, we are giving you the ability to see all questions from all spaces on a single page! You will see this...

10 Sep 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Better search

We significantly improved search experience in this release: Question content is now searchable (not only question title), Answers content is also now searchable: relevant answers...

20 Jun 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

More Slack/Google/Teams notifications options

This release allows you to configure new options for sending Slack/Teams/Google Chat notifications: Sending notifications also when new answer/comment has been created, Sending notifications only...

13 Jun 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Sharing questions

In this release, we have been focused on mostly UI and UX improvements of question view. We also added one smaller feature which is ability...

05 Apr 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Tags tab improvements

We’ve added a lot of new features related to tags tab. Let’s go through them:

21 Mar 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Related Questions

Now you will be able to see questions with similar tags when opening particular question (related questions). We also redesigned question page by including header...

20 Feb 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Question Views

This release gives you the ability to see questions views count. Question views statistics are displayed on the question list, next to the number of...

12 Feb 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Contributors, reputation points and user profiles

You can now see who is asking questions and sharing answers thanks to addition of new Contributors tab. Contributors can also earn reputation points by...

05 Feb 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Microsoft Teams integration

You can now enable Microsoft Teams notifications. When enabled, you’ll receive messages about newly created questions in configured channel:

03 Jan 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Multiple app connections of same type now supported

We’ve redesigned space settings around connecting apps like Slack or Google Chat. With new UI and features, you can notify on multiple Slack channels and/or...

01 Jan 2021 Łukasz Wiatrak

Showing similar questions

It often happens that question you want to ask was already answered. In order for you to save time (of asking same question again) we...

12 Nov 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

E-mail notifications when question or answer upvoted

It’s always nice when someone upvotes your question or answer. From now we’ll let you know about it if you’re an author. Such notifications help...

20 Sep 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Watching questions

We extended ability to watch questions to all users in this release (previously only question’s author could watch it).

13 Sep 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Redesign of voting experience

Voting has been redesigned. Existing voting widget has been replaced by “Upvoted by” bar displaying number of upvotes along with who upvoted question/answer.

05 Sep 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Support for e-mail notifications and mentions

E-mail notifications will be now sent to question’s author about new answers, as long as he/she waches the question. Every newly created questions are watched...

11 Aug 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Google Chat integration

It’s now possible to send notifications about new questions to Google Chat room. This functionality can be enabled in space settings:

03 Aug 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Searching, sorting and filtering questions now possible

You can now search, sort and filter questions:

30 May 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Assigning tags to questions

We’ve added ability to assign tags to questions. Going into details, this includes following functionalities:

17 May 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

New editor option: inserting panels

You can now insert info panels to your questions and answers! See screenshot below:

26 Apr 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Global settings

Global settings page has been redesigned. We have also added new global setting, that allows you to enable space questions for all spaces.

19 Apr 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Slack integration

In this release, we have added ability to automatically send Slack notifications about newly asked questions to your Slack channel. Slack integration can be configured...

12 Apr 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak

Attachments in questions and answers content

We have added support for attaching files and images to the question or answer content. Screenshot below presents how it works:

15 Mar 2020 Łukasz Wiatrak