Contributors, reputation points and user profiles

05 Feb 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

You can now see who is asking questions and sharing answers thanks to addition of new Contributors tab. Contributors can also earn reputation points by getting upvotes for questions or answers, and also for accepted answers (except when question’s author accepts his/her own answer). These changes are meant to encourage Confluence users to contribute in a way that gives value to others.

Let’s look at new additions in more details:

Contributors tab

This is how Contributors tab’s content looks like. Contributors are sorted based on number of points they have:


Reputation points

As mentioned, users can earn points for their answers and questions that got upvoted, and also for accepted answers. Specifically, user earns:

  • 10 points for each vote for question user asked,
  • 10 points for each vote for answer user shared,
  • 15 points for each answer that has been marked as accepted (except when question’s author marks his/her question as accepted)

User profile

After clicking on a user, you will be redirected to user’s profile page. You can see here user’s recent activity:


Answers user created (starting from most upvoted ones):


Questions user asked (starting from most upvoted ones):


We hope you will enjoy these newest additions!