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Import questions from CSV file

27 Nov 2022 By Łukasz Wiatrak

We have just released new feature: importing questions from CSV file. Many of you have existing systems where you store questions and answers. Now you can easily import them to our app. You can learn more about how CSV import works in our documentation.

Introducing tag icons

01 Sep 2022 By Łukasz Wiatrak

You can now enhance your tags by adding icons to them! These icons will be visible in all places where the tag is displayed.

New Help Center website published

28 Aug 2022 By Łukasz Wiatrak

It is pleasure for us to announce that we have released new Community Questions Help Center website. It will replace the old documentation website. New Help Center is much more user-friendly and will allow us to publish more useful content, including guides, tutorials, frequently asked questions, and more.

Watching tags

29 Jul 2022 By Łukasz Wiatrak

You can now watch tags to get notifications about questions related to specific topics

Introducing global tags

16 Jul 2022 By Łukasz Wiatrak

We’d like to introduce to you new global tags feature. Global tags allow you to define tags that will be visible in all spaces. We’ll explain how they can be used and what configuration options need to be enabled before.

Sort questions by views

30 Jan 2022 By Łukasz Wiatrak

You can now sort questions by the number of views, mostly viewed ones will be at the top.

Displaying created and edited dates

24 Jan 2022 By Łukasz Wiatrak

After this release you will see both Created and Edited dates for questions and answers if they were edited.

Content editor: inserting statuses now possible

14 Jan 2022 By Łukasz Wiatrak

You can now insert statuses to your questions and answers! See screenshot below: