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Home page widget

19 Dec 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

We added widget that displays a list of recently asked and answered questions on your Home Page. Thanks to that, you can follow Questions activity in an easy way.

Content editor: inserting emojis is now possible

11 Dec 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

Use emojis in questions, answers and comments! We have added support for emojis for all types of content: questions, answers and comments.

Watching all spaces

17 Oct 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

Get email notifications about new questions asked anywhere!

Watching space

01 Oct 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

Get email notifications about new questions asked in a space!

Displaying questions from all spaces

10 Sep 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

In this major release, we are giving you the ability to see all questions from all spaces on a single page! You will see this aggregated view when opening questions from Confluence top bar navigation.

Better search

20 Jun 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

We significantly improved search experience in this release: Question content is now searchable (not only question title), Answers content is also now searchable: relevant answers will also be displayed in search results, When displaying search results: matching phrases are now highlighted, We’re also displaying part of question/answer content that was relevant for particular search See screenshot below (example search results for “Scrum” phrase):

More Slack/Google/Teams notifications options

13 Jun 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

This release allows you to configure new options for sending Slack/Teams/Google Chat notifications: Sending notifications also when new answer/comment has been created, Sending notifications only for questions have particular tag assigned to it. See screenshot below:

Sharing questions

05 Apr 2021 By Łukasz Wiatrak

In this release, we have been focused on mostly UI and UX improvements of question view. We also added one smaller feature which is ability to easily share question. You will notice new “Share” button below the question. When clicked, a dialog will appear which will give you ability to easily copy and paste link to the question.